The round–table discussions in ‘Rooms of Interest’ that accompany the curated exhibition of design research artifacts are at the heart of RTD. With this format, RTD aims to present an alternative to the traditional conference presentation of papers in darkened auditoriums, and supports a more discursive, synergistic setting that places the sharing of designed artifacts at the heart of proceedings. Below is the list of accepted papers for RTD 2019. A list of the Rooms of Interest to be found at the conference will follow up soon.

Soma Bits - a design exploration towards somaesthetic interfaces

Charles Windlin (KTH), Anna Ståhl (RISESICS), Pedro Sanches (KTH), Vasiliki Tsaknaki (KTH), Pavel Karpashewich (KTH), Kristina Höök (KTH), Madeline Balaam (KTH)

Puppetry as an alternative approach to designing kinesthetic movements

Kensho Miyoshi (Royal College of Art)

The ‘woman in motion’ as an engineering problem

Marloes ten Bhömer (Kingston University London)

SNaSI: Social Navigation through Subtle Interactions with an AI agent

Rebecca Kleinberger (MIT), Joshua Huburn (Microsoft), Joshua Huburn (Microsoft), Joshua Huburn (Microsoft),

CoCoCo: Co-Designing a Co-design toolkit for Co-bots to empower autistic adults

Suhaib Aslam (University of Twente), Jelle van Dijk (University of Twente), Edwin Dertien (University of Twente)

Empowering young adults on the autistic spectrum: Reframing assistive technology through design

Jelle van Dijk (University of Twente), Melina Kopke (independent), Niels van Huize (University of Twente), Loes van Uffelen (University of Twente), Laura Beunk (University of Twente)

Enabling relationships in a co-creative process with children

Roberta Bonetti (University of Bologna), Nitzan Cohen (Free University of Bozen-Bolzano), Seçil Uğur Yavuz (Free University of Bozen-Bolzano)

Smart home redirects: Accelerating, restraining, and deviating smart connected devices

James Pierce (University of California, Berkeley)

Ethnofiction: Agency and representation in digital ethnography

John Morrison (Edinburgh Napier)

Unpacking Solemaker

Troy Nachtigall (TU/e), Oscar Tomico (TU/e), Stephan Wensveen (TU/e), Ron Wakkary (TU/e)

Speculative diagrams: Experiments in mapping Youtube

David Benque (Royal College of Art), Betti Marenko (University of the Arts London)

Connected Resources: A Research through Design approach to designing for older people’s resourcefulness

Masako Kitazaki (TU Delft), Iohanna Nicenboim (TU Delft), Elisa Giaccardi (TU Delft), Lenneke Kuijer (TU/e), Louis Neven (Avans University of Applied Sciences), Benjamin Lopez (Philips Design)

A vision of a radically changed future: Speculated and applied

Lizette Reitsma (RISE Interactive), Stina Wessman (RISE Interactive

Experiencing the future mundane

Paul Coulton (Lancaster University), Adrian Gradinar (Lancaster University), Joseph Lindley (Lancaster University)

Provoking the euthanasia in dementia debate with design

Marije de Haas (Loughborough University), Gyuchan Thomas Jun (Loughborough University), Sue Hignett (Loughborough University)

Collaborative craft through digital fabrication and virtual reality

Nithikul Nimkulrat (OCAD University), Aaron Oussoren (Emily Carr University of Art + Design), Hélène Day Fraser (Emily Carr University of Art + Design), Keith Doyle (Emily Carr University of Art + Design)

Enticatypes: exploring how artifacts can entice conversation on craft values in digital making

Erica Vannucci (Northumbria University), Justin Marshall (Northumbria University), Jayne Wallace (Northumbria University)

Design synthesis: An act of Research Through Design

Caroline Claisse (Sheffield Hallam University), Daniela Petrelli (Sheffield Hallam University), Nick Dulake (Sheffield Hallam University)

Docu-Design or Decrypting present-day through Design

Elizabeth Hale (CyDRe ESADSE, France)

Critical Journal / Contextual Portfolio: A framework for documenting and disseminating RtD as scholarly research

Zoe Sadokierski (University of Technology Sydney)

Dismantling feminist biology through the design of textile materials with electronics

Teresa Almeida (KTH), Ko-Le Chen (KTH), Rob Comber (KTH), Madeline Balaam (KTH)

Wearing Digital Shimmers: A fashion-centric approach to wearable technology

Angella Mackey (TU/e and Philips Lighting Research), Stephan Wensveen (TU/e), Ron Wakkary (Simon Fraser University), Annika Hupfeld(TU/e), Oscar Tomico (ELISAVA, Spain)

Crafting material innovation and knowledge through interdisciplinary approaches

Claire Miller (Royal College of Art)

Can the subaltern project? Speculations on making and designing together and epistemological pitfalls

Raquel Noronha (Federal University of Maranhão, Brazil), Camila Aboud (Federal University of Maranhão, Brazil), Raiama Portela (Federal University of Maranhão, Brazil)

Design with neotribes

Nicolas Marechal (University of the Arts London), Damià Bonafont (University of the Arts London), Clara Koscielniak (University of the Arts London), Pipe Amatayakul (University of the Arts London)

A smartphone in the nursery: A designer’s exploration of the role of smartphones for mothers and young children

Paulina Yurman(Goldsmiths, University of London)

Domestic widgets: Leveraging household creativity in co-creating IoT

David Verweij (Northumbria University), David Kirk (Northumbria University), Kay Rogage (Northumbria University), Abigail Durrant (Northumbria University)

>Research through board game design

Haider Akmal (Lancaster University), Paul Coulton (Lancaster University)

Mineral accretion factory: An underwater production process with a positive impact on the environment

David Enon (ESAR, France)

Crafting sympoietic artefacts: Making sonic needlepoint with nonhuman partners

Raune Frankjaer (Aarhus University)

Food for thought: Designing new ways of eating

Jekaterina Aleksejeva (University of Southern Denmark), Paul Biedermann (University of Southern Denmark), Ona Orlovaite (University of Southern Denmark), Iulia Gavriliuc (University of Southern Denmark), Danielle Wilde (University of Southern Denmark)

Resisting plastics for ambiguous results

Jeroen Peeters (RISE Interactive), Rosa Van der Veen (RISE Interactive), Nigel Papworth (RISE Interactive), Ambra Trotto (RISE Interactive)

‘Blueprints’ physical to digital: Curation of media to support ongoingness

Jayne Wallace (Northumbria University), Nantia Koulidou (Northumbria University), Claire Craig (Sheffield Hallam University), Helen Fisher (Sheffield Hallam University), Julie Trueman (Northumbria University)

The materiality of digital jewellery from a maker's perspective

Nantia Koulidou (Northumbria University), Jayne Wallace (Northumbria University), Tommy Dylan (Northumbria University)

REP(AIR): An olfactory interface for bike maintenance

Cayla Small (University of Washington), Audrey Desjardins(University of Washington)

Flâneur’s Phonograph: A flâneur approach to urban exploration

Po-Hao Wang (National Taiwan University), Yu-Ting Cheng (TU/e), Wenn-Chieh Tsai (National Taiwan University), Rung-Huei Liang (National Taiwan University)

Research through Design for accounting values in design

Irene Conversano (TU Delft), Livia Del Conte (TU Delft), Ingrid Mulder (TU Delft)

7½ and weekend alarm: Designing alarm clocks for the morality of sleep and rest

Anne Spaa (Northumbria University), Ron Wakkary (Simon Fraser University and TU/e), Joep Frens (TU/e), Abigail Durrant (Northumbria University), John Vines (Northumbria University)

EthnoVis: An interactive visualization as a designerly product and process of longitudinal mixed data analysis and communication

Abhigyan Singh (TU Delft), Natalia Romero Herrera(TU Delft)

We are all programmers now: From bits to blobs

Emily Thorn (University of Nottingham), Anthony Quinn (University of the Arts London), Steve Benford (University of Nottingham), Boriana Koleva (University of Nottingham), William Preston (University of Nottingham)