Welcome to the website for RTD 2019 – the fourth biennial Research Through Design (RTD) conference to be held in Delft and Rotterdam, NL, between the 19th and 22nd of March 2019.

By bringing RTD to the Netherlands, we aim to open up the conference to new audiences and conversations, and to help it grow into an international space for design research. The conference will revolve around the theme ‘Method and Critique’. The goal is to problematize their assumed incompatibility through an exploration of the contemporary material, social, economic and technological shifts in design research and practice that call for both systemic thinking and criticality. ‘Rooms of Interest’ and ‘Exhibition’ will remain the heart of the conference, where we will critically explore the frictions and correspondences among different RTD traditions.

The exhibition will be used as a platform for presenting and demonstrating research processes and outputs, and for generating debate on the role of the design practitioner and their work in a research context. Building on the success of the previous conferences, RTD 2019 will be hosted at two locations, the Science Centre in Delft and Het Nieuwe Instituut (HNI) in Rotterdam.

We invite submissions from researcher-practitioners documenting research through design projects, including descriptions of methods, processes and insights emerging from design inquiry. It is anticipated that this will offer a departure point for rich discussion. Criteria for selection are based on the author’s presentation of artefacts (constituting research process or outcomes) and should be central to their submission. Artefacts will be included in the curated exhibition, and papers should accompany the exhibited artefact in a presentation of ‘research through design’ at the conference.